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AFLA Fair Wear & Tear Guide

Taking into account a vehicle’s age and mileage and covering overall condition, from the mechanics and the electrics through to the bodywork and the upholstery, fair wear and tear summarises the degree of deterioration judged to be reasonable at the end of a contract period. AFLA has prepared a guide to assist its members in setting, managing and assessing fair wear and tear in vehicle leasing arrangements. AFLA's Fair Wear & Tear Guide can be viewed below.
AFLA appreciates the Guide may be of benefit to others. Use of, or reliance upon, the Guide by non-AFLA members is only permitted by AFLA in the following circumstances:

• By a fleet leasing company that is not an AFLA member, only with the express permission of AFLA. Please contact AFLA to discuss.

• By a person who is not a fleet leasing company, only by agreeing to the conditions set out below. In this situation, a person agrees to those conditions by reproducing, incorporating or referring to the Guide, or by intimating the Guide is available on this website. The conditions are that the person:

1. acknowledges AFLA as the author and owner of the Guide
2. accepts the terms of the disclaimer at the foot of the cover page of the Guide
3. must not represent the Guide is in any way a legal requirement or a mandatory or industry standard
4. must not misrepresent the nature of the Guide or its status.

Fair Wear & Tear Guide (PDF:875k, 6 pages)


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